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Emily Fields: Stabbed a guy, got glass in her hair, almost run over by a car, chased a potential psycho killer into the woods at night, stuffed in a box to be cut in half, almost set on fire and blown up, drugged thrice

And afraid of horses.

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i’m not mad at aria. i’m not mad at hanna. not even mad at zack. i’m mad at the writers.

why is it so acceptable for someone to call me skinny but it’s so awful for me to call them fat? both words describe an unhealthy body - it’s has exactly the same effect on a person but somehow it’s only believed that the ‘fat’ person will be offended?


no one wants to fertilize my eggs we can stop with the monthly foolishness

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me:  starts book
me:  reads book
me:  finishes book
me:  sits in silence because the book ruined my life